Spray Tans

We have a wonderful options to suit every skin tone! Your experienced spray tanning technician will recommend a tan to best suit you. $55 full body tans.

Organic Eco Tan Spray Tans

Eco tan gives a beautiful, natural, golden glow. Give yourself that believable ‘just got back from holiday’ tan with Eco Tan spray tans. Certified Organic, Eco Tan does not compromise quality or safety. The ingredients include Chamomile Flower extract, Avacado Oil, Honeysuckle Flower extract, Rose Geranium Oil, Grapeskin extract, Cacao (chocolate), Aloe vera, Macadamia Seed Oil, Lavender extract and Grapefruit extract.

Eco Tan does NOT contain any of the following ingredients Phenoxyethanol, Propylene Glycol, Pegs, Parabens, Animal Derivatives, SD alcohol, Food colouring and artificial dyes, Petrochemicals or Harmful Chemicals.

Eco Tan which can be washed off after 2 hours, but your technician will recommend the best length of time for your desired depth of colour. When you follow our recommendations for best results, Eco Tan  spray tans can last 7-10 days.

We also stock the Eco Tan retail range. Eco tan exfoliating mitt to prep your skin to perfection prior to your tan. Winter skin their gradual tanner & Face Tan water are the perfect pair for making your tan last even longer!

Bondi Sands – Liquid Gold, Dark or Ultra Dark

For a more cool toned brown we love the Bondi Sands Ultra dark Spray Tan solutions! Or a golden brown with the Bondi Dark solution. Or for the best of both world Liquid gold is a great in-between. Coconut scented you wont wreak off that old “Spray tan smell” Bondi Sands boasts a very convenient 2+ hour wash off time, these tans are great for on the go! The tan wears well on the skin and comes off evenly a must try for all tan-a-holics!

Bookings are required, all appointments are in our Huapai Salon or enquire about mobile tans for a group tanning sesh in the comfort of your own home.